Nail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know my size?

Use a soft ruler with millimeters and count the millimeters from sidewall to sidewall on the widest part of your nail bed.(edge to edge) Then match it to the size shown in the sizing graphic.

What if I order the wrong size?

Please size your nails accurately using directions above or ordering a press on sizing kit online. Unfortunately we are not responsible if the sizes chosen do not fit, however, replacement nails are available for purchase.

How long will they stay on?

Proper nail prep & adhering them with glue can give you a 1-3 week wear. Attaching with sticky tabs are more for short term wear of 1-3 days, this is ideal for those with careers that do not allow nail enhancements in the work place.

What does each set come with?

Each set comes with a file, buffer, alcohol prep pad, a wood cuticle stick, and instructions for applying and removing.

How do I apply the press-ons?

Try on your press on nails without any glue or tabs first to see how they fit and if you need to file your real nails prior to adhering. 

How do I remove the press-ons?

Soak the nails in warm water with cuticle oil or baby oil for 10-15 mins. Use cuticle pusher to gently encourage lifting. Do not force if glue is still tough as this can damage the nail bed. Repeat.

Prep time:
Use the file if you needed.
Use the wooden stick to push your cuticles back neatly.
Use the buffer to buff your nail beds.
Wash your hands and nails with soap and water.
Use the alcohol prep pad to cleanse your nail beds.
If using glue, apply glue to your nail beds covering everything except the cuticle and side walls. Apply enough but not too much to where you can flood the nail bed when the press ons are attached.
Line the press on up with your cuticle the closer to your cuticle, the more natural they will look.
Once they are on the nail bed firmly press them down for 10 seconds to ensure they are secure. Repeat process for all nails.

Flooding the nail bed with glue and improper nail prep will cause the press ons to lift prematurely.